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Dr Barry Cripps is a Chartered Psychologist and Registered
Psychologist and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society.
He provides support to clients in the performing arts, stage
screen, TV, industry, the public sector, education, sport,
equestrianism and the self-employed.
Winner of the Distinguished Contribution to the field of Sport
and Exercise Psychology Award 2008, Barry helps athletes,
riders and actors enhance their performance specialising in
Performance Psychology, supporting people and teams in
all sectors.

Introducing performance psychology

My approach is to work with performers to help them
understand Performance Psychology, and through a carefully
designed programme of physical and psychological exercises,
work with them to reduce performance stress to manageable
levels. My programme will enable the athletes, riders and actors to make a good start and achieve optimal performance.
I work with leading actors who perform both on the stage and screen and athletes at Olympic standard. As an ex-Olympic Sport Psychologist Barry applies winning methods and practice into the workplace.

Dr Barry Cripps, Chartered Psychologist and Registered 
Psychologist, Fellow of the British Psychological SocietyPublications

New!Psychometric Testing: Critical Perspectives
Edited by Barry Cripps, an experienced professional, Psychometric Testing: Critical Perspectives brings together 21 global experts to provide the latest theory and evidence-based practice. The book explores a variety of important topics, including test construction, use and applications in human resources and training, assessment and verification of training courses, and consulting. The chapters include applications for clinical psychology, performance psychology, and sport and exercise psychology across a range of professions, from research and teaching to coaching, consulting, and advising. The book also pays attention to the dynamic nature of the field and identifies future directions in need of more research, including Internet and smart phone testing. With insights from experienced researchers and practitioners, this is a state-of-the-art summary of psychometric testing. For more information click on the link below.

Psychometric Testing: Critical Perspectives Summary

Psychological Assessment in the Workplace: A Managers Guide
'Psychological Assessment in the Workplace: A Managers Guide' written with Dr Mark Cook, published 2005, draws upon the latest research.

Psychometric Testing Pocketbook
'Psychometric Testing Pocketbook' written with Dorothy Spry, gives tips, tools and techniques on how workplace testing can contribute to recruitment, HR, individual and team development.

Barry has also written and contributed to papers in Sport and Exercise and the clinical use of Hypnosis.


I am happy to see clients in my rooms in Kenn, Exeter, Devon.
Clients include; Santander, The C.I.P.D., Cranfield University School of Management, Exeter University, the Open University, G.K.N Westland Group, Calderdale + Kirklees Health Authority, Aston Business School, B.N.F.L. Thames Valley University