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Career Guidance

At some time in most people's working life a career reappraisal can rejuvenate, revive and re-motivate energy and feelings towards the world of work. Using sophisticated personality and interest inventories, expert guidance can be employed to carve out a new, exciting and challenging career pathway.

Starting a new direction

Career Counselling and Guidance is a process of helping people, who are stuck in terms of not knowing what job to do, move along and begin using their work strengths in positive and profitable ways.

My approach usually takes about three sessions and follows three stages:-

"Where are you now?"

Using tests of ability, personality, motivation and interest to find the working strengths of the client.

"Where do you want to be?"

Using the above information and looking into the value system of clients, considering work possibilities that suit the client.

"How do you get there?"

Construction of action plans involving re-training, education and job experience in order to change or start a new direction in the world of work. Finally a written report is presented, if required.

Timing: Usually 3 two-hour sessions at our Exeter Training Centre are required or a full one-day session offered for the same price.

Costs: Please e-mail your postal address for details of cost of sessions, tests & report to be mailed to you: or telephone to arrange appointments.