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Coaching for Performance

"Performance Psychology" is a term that I have coined in order to apply the power of mental preparation processes into the performing arts and adapt it in order to help performers overcome their own "performance anxiety". When audiences watch a performance on the concert platform, theatre stage, film and television they all too often take for granted the polish and precision of the performer, after all this is what professional artists are trained for!

Of course the majority of performers can move from their dressing room onto the stage in a cool, calm state and deliver a faultless presentation of their art. However for many others, this cool, calm and collected state may not be their reality; these performers report amazing symptoms of performance induced stress such as, constant visits to the toilet, feelings of nausea, worthlessness, sweating, stomach ache, the intrusion of negative thoughts, outright fear and confusion and even hallucinations!

Performance anxiety is a perfectly natural phenomenon; when controlled, understood and used positively provides an essential performance "set"; it is often said that, "the day I don't feel nervous is the time to give up!"

My programme of mental preparation skills will train you to put many positive thoughts into your head at times of stress so that there will be no room for negative thoughts. The techniques we will work on will change the way that you think, feel and behave leaving your true abilities to emerge in a most polished way. One of my clients by way of feedback said that, "Since working with you Barry, I now can't wait to get on the stage and look forward to every performance with joy and pleasure-all the old fears have gone away!"