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Coaching in Sport

My involvement as a psychologist in sport commenced when I wrote my doctoral thesis entitled "Team Interaction in Professional Soccer". This exploration of sport organisations took me into organisational psychology and qualified me as both an occupational psychologist in industry and a sport and exercise psychologist.

The approach I offer to coaches, performers and teams is targeted towards improvement in performance. Most sports-persons adopt a 'physical stance'. Their build up involves physical fitness, skill training and equipment tuning. Sports' Coaching in the United Kingdom still relies heavily on physiological, physical and skill aspects. Mental training for sport performance is now fully accepted. The 'whole' performance of successful sports participation must now take psychological factors into account.

The training programme I offer shows coach, athlete and rider how to use control in training and competition. It is 'safe', non-technical, does no harm. Ideally, I work together with athlete and coach. The programme helps performers prepare, concentrate, relax, rehearse and control their performance so that they can do their best. My interventions extend to equestrianism and include riders competing in three day events, dressage and show jumping.

I am the first Winner of the Distinguished Contribution to the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 2008.


My track record spans 30 years since leaving Loughborough College. I am an Olympic Sport Psychologist and have served on the British Olympic Association Advisory Panel of Psychologists. I am also active as Past Chair and founder of The British Psychological Society Sport & Exercise Division. I have written papers published in books available from The British Psychological Society, Sport & Exercise Psychology Section. Titles include "How Teams Work", Cognitive Enhancement", "Exercise Addiction", "What sport psychologists do "and "Quality and Quantity"