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Psychological Assessment in the Workplace: A Manager's Guide

Mark Cook & Barry Cripps
ISBN 0-470-86163-0 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

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Psychometric Testing Pocketbook

Dr Barry Cripps & Dorothy Spry
ISBN 978-1-903776-43-8 Management Pocketbooks Ltd.

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By author Barry Cripps
Illustrations by Maureen Bate, Denise Felice and pupils of Kenn C of E Primary School, Devon, UK


“Daddy, where are Angels born?” Emma whispered inquisitively to her father while walking together around their local church. “Well”, he explained, “The Angels are born on Christmas Eve up high in the Bell tower of every Church in the country. Each church has one Angel called a ‘Guardian Angel’.” Little did they know, but Emma and her father Michael had uncovered the secret world of the causes of Good on Earth. Review by Joanna Lumley-April 2019

Are there such things as Angels? And if so, where do they come from, and how do they live? Can they hear us and do they protect us? This charming book with its enchanting illustrations answers some of these questions. “Every Church in the land has a Guardian Angel named after the Church in which the Angel lives” so that is the first message of hope and comfort. If you talk to Angels and rely on their loving goodness they will look after you: and they are surely looking after all those who contributed to this darling book-Joanna.

This beautifully produced book is the first in a series of four, written in the first place for children but the message continuing throughout the series is based on important human attributes like faith, hope and love. The author, Barry Cripps and one of the illustrators Maureen Bate, live in the village of Kenn, Exeter, close to St Andrew’s Church. The editor, Denise Felice is a gifted photographer and illustrator who lives in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. The publisher is Kindle Desktop Publishing.To order the paperback or Kindle digital version, type “Where are Angels Born?” into Amazon books.

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