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Supervision for C.Psychol

Supervision of conditional registration to Chartered Psychologist status as a Practitioner in Training. Please note that before undertaking supervision the candidate must seek advice from The Society, as The Division of Occupational Psychology have rules for Affiliate Membership.

The candidate(s) is/are also asked to obtain from The Society a copy of the Notes for General Guidance of Candidates wishing to obtain registration as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. (Available from The BPS, Admissions Office tel. 0116 2549568).

This supervision is carried out by me, a Chartered Psychologist and Registered Psychologist and Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, as appropriate to BPS rules. Please note these rules change from time to time and are reviewed by The BPS. See BPS website

Ph.D. external supervision subject to appointment as External Supervisor by awarding University.