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Continuing Professional Development

Important information for all Society Registered Test Users
Maintenance of Competence requirements

In future the BPS will not renew lapsed entries on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RTQU). In order to stay on the Register you are required to maintain your competence in test use at the level of your qualification. The BPS recommends that you maintain a written record of your MoC.

Registered test users can check their re-validation date by checking their entry online on the RQTU, by visiting the Psychological Testing Centre website

Then go to the link, ‘What’s New?’

We are running training programs to help you maintain your competence in test use. If you are not engaged in test practices in your full-time job, or feel the need for a refresher, we can provide Face to Face or email CPD in order to satisfy the requirements of the Psychological Testing Centre.


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