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Psychological Testing: Personality Second Measure

Our training course will provide training leading to the fulfillment of requirements for the British Psychological Society Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing using a Second Personality Measure.


Accreditation is via module B3 and consists of an affirmation of competence in Units 3 to 5 in a second measure (i.e. for a 'sufficiently different' questionnaire than that used in Module B2). Depending what your first measure was, I offer two measures for certification:

M.B.T.I. or The Jung Type Indicator
ECCOS is included value £395 as part of this course.

Timing 1-day course plus pre-course work and post course submission of written reports. Please apply for further details.

Cost on application. Reduced rates for group training. Please apply for further details.

Deposit payable 2 weeks before first day of course. Dates to be agreed in advance and booked upon payment of deposit. Balance payable on completion or within 1 month of commencement.

Travel at current rates and subsistence, if workplace supervision or attendance away required.

To be paid by the Individual, cheque to The BPS for printed certificate and registration.

Please contact us if you wish to know more, we are available any time, for an informal chat.