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Specialist in Test Use

In order to be eligible for upgrading to a Specialist in Test Use, delegates must:

Specialist in Test Use represents considerable added value for test takers who need to be able to make evaluative judgements about personality-based tests and testing across the full range of instruments and approaches and who need to be able to question and justify decisions in a rational and informed manner. Specialist in Test Use is designed to produce competent decision-makers.

Portfolio evidence

This consists of three parts:

Completion of four further units 6-9

Unit 6: Approaches to personality as assessment and test construction

Unit 7: Validity and reliability issues

Unit 8: Test choice and evaluation

Unit 9: When and how to use personality and interest assessment instruments

Diary record

Each of the relevant events and activities recorded in the record is given a date and described. As well as a simple, factual description, the candidate is required to reflect upon the learning which has taken place and record this along with its relationship to Units 6-9

The Project Report

This may be based upon the completion of one major project, a number of minor projects or a combination of the two. The difference between a major and minor project is not simply one of scale, although this is likely to be a distinguishing feature. A major project is also likely to involve competence spread across a number of Units, while a minor project is more likely to be focused on one or two. Despite this difference, the Project Report as a whole provides an opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate the depth of understanding in relation to the Units.

Timing and delivery

We include as a sufficiently different test ECCOS value £395 in this programme.  Payment is by instalment for the Distance Learning Course. The completion of such an in-depth programme is best completed over time, one day at a time, depending on the everyday work load of each delegate. It is advisable to talk this one through, so please contact us: